Lake Eyasi Girls Training Centre - Projects


At Lake Eyasi Vocational Girls Center we have main five projects that are going on and all of them are appreciated to be funded.

Help To build houses for negleted women and children project
We have managed to build two houses now and well furnished and we are starting the third house.

Help To Build Classrooms
We have classrooms building project so students can have more space while in theoretical and practical classes.

Help To Build Dormitories
Students at Lake Eyasi Girls Center walk between 20 km to 30 km as a round trip. Due to the poor logistic and distance between the villages we recommend dormitories for them to stay at school. We are currently focusing to build two dormitories that will accommodate these students.

Help To Install Solar Power Energy
Due to the lack of electricity we propose installation of solar power energy at Lake Eyasi Vocational Girls’ Center.

Help To connect water pipeline
Water is very important for life hence the need of having running water is recommended. Currently girls have to hauled water from the public well a carry on their heads up to three kilometers to the center.

Help To Build Dining Hall and Kitchen
We are currently on proposed construction plan for the dining hall and kitchen at Lake Eyasi Vocational Girls Center.

Help To Build Lake Eyasi Health Clinic
Due to the fact that Lake Eyasi surrounding was not having clinical facilities, we are currently building the clinic which will take care of the child, mother and the entire society at large.

Help To Market Lake Eyasi Bee-keeping and Honey
We are currently keeping bees and processing honey around Lake Eyasi. Currently we are looking forwared for individuals, private sectors and other stakeholders to buy our honey at best price. For keen marketing officers we will appreciate your positive contribution.