Sponsor A Mother


We encourage people all around the world to feel free to sponsor a mother in our Lake Eyasi community who are really in need of your support. The main focus of sponsoring a mother is taking her to vocational training school to gain skills.

We have also came in realizing that others mothers and girls wants to met high level education, for this reason we are providing qualified test programs which will enable them to sit for the National Examination as a second chance for them to continue with their dreams.

Attending school in Lake Eyasi Girls Vocational Center is one thing all together and manage to graduate in different course including tailoring, knitting a few just to mention. When they go back to the community they need to have both initial capital and implements. These implements include the sewing machine and money to buy different accessories to enable her to start her own small business.

Nursing Course

Help sending more mothers and girls into the nursing school in order to come back and help mothers and children as well as entire community at large.


Email: info@lakeeyasigirls.org

Email: lighty_eyasi@yahoo.com