Our History


The History of Founders:

Lake Eyasi Girls Training Centre is a non government, not for profit organization found by Mr. Modest H. Bayo and Mrs. Lightness M. Bayo and become into the operation in year 2011. The foundation came into the practice from the both life history of Mr. Modest and Mrs. Lightness Bayo experienced while growing up in their home villages of Karatu and Lake Eyasi where Bushmen (The Hadzabe) who are hunters and gatherers with the nomadic people known as Datoga (Wabarbaig) tribes live together.

Here is the short life history of the Founders:
Lightness is a third born child in the family of nine children with five girls and four boys. Along the way unfortunately two of her sisters passed away of which the elder one left two kids a boy and a girl.

From day one she had enjoyed the warm love from both parents. When she was in grade four and just ten years old, her father left for a business trip as usual and the entire family expected a normal return but in vain to date.

Lightness is married to Mr. Modest H. Bayo and has two children Raymond (19) and Janet (16) who are keen to see their grandfather one day. Due to the fact that a single parent was involved to raise the whole family became difficult to take the entire family for further studies.

Nobody had any complain to our lovely mother for failing to take us to higher level of education because we were worried she could also leave us. Living standard at that time wasn’t anyways better and I had to work on part time jobs in the neighborhood including selling of ripe bananas and other fruits to subsidize in family and school needs.

After my primary school I joined the Montessori teachers training for one year in Kiswahili language which I paid by the small business that I was doing and became a kindergarten teacher.

How Did Lake Eyasi Girls Centre Started:
It was in 2009 when I opened discussion with my husband on how to make better life to the needy disadvantage girls from my home village in Lake Eyasi area who have dropped school following early pregnancy and lost hope of their future life.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Lake Eyasi Girls Training centre came to the operation due to the fact that the second elder sister got pregnancy before she accomplished her primary school education and yet been abandon by her partner. This situation shocked everybody in our family. My mother and I remained the only people who had to raise the rest of the family as my elder sister got married to another young man who wasn’t able to help his own family. I didn’t want such a life to happen to me or others in life.

Honestly since then I come to learn that most young girls who attended the school never complete their studies as they become pregnant so early and drop out of the school. In Lake Eyasi village the pregnant under age school girls is very alarming as the majority of them have no health education. As to provide the effort that has already being imposed by the government of Tanzania and its laws we need also to have an organization like Lake Eyasi Girls Training Centre to take care of this problem to the needy society.

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