Health Issues


HIV/ AIDS Awareness

Tanzania like other developing countries in the world yet experience the harshness of the HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately most of the people who leave in the villages don't have enough awareness of this disease and those who have it they don't put it in consideration or they just ignore it.

In Lake Eyasi we have a program of teaching people about HIV/AIDS and how it can be preventable. We follow each procedure and expect with time that things will stabilize. What people of Lake Eyasi have prevailed to the world is less us of protection such as condoms. If they are using protection where does the question of pregnancy come? We are working very hard on educating people about health of their bodies.

Along with the education about HIV/AIDS we teach them also other sexual transmission disease, their symptoms and the best way to deal with them. The bottom line is to have a generation with less or free sexual related diseases.


Malaria is another catastrophic disease in Africa. In Lake Eyasi we are also facing difficulties as other part of Tanzania and Africa in general. We teach parents on using mosquito nets every time when children go to sleep so they can be protected against this killing disease of tropical regions.

Balanced Diet - Organic Food

Recently we have started encourage people on issues of eating organic food from their gardens. This is due to the fact that diseases such as blood pressure, cancer and diabetes have gain popularity among the majority of Tanzanians and so the Lake Eyasi.