Educate A Child


What We Do

  • We teach both boys and girls about body changes and how to safely control these changes in their normal life. Bringing awareness of what should be done in each age set without rushing into issues and life.

  • Explaining to them about importance of going to school and finish their studies properly.

  • Showing positive and negative results of not attending school properly.

  • Bringing awareness of good health to their personal life and society surrounding them at large includes HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other common tropical diseases.

Why We Do What We Do

The main objective is to have a world without children with helpless life

  • We struggle much on teaching these young generation to have a better society with less problems in Lake Eyasi area and Tanzania at large.

  • Lake Eyasi Girls Vocation Training Centre has learned that the only solution to this problem is to teach youth about what doesn’t make their normal life better in future.

  • Showing children their rights and proper routes to their successful life in future.

How We Do

  • In all places that people meet such as Mosque, Churches, Schools or on Seminars of different issues we normally advice the organizers to mention and remind people not to pregnant young girls as they both ruin the life style of the expected mother and the child.

  • We provide knowledge through fliers and brochures to the entire society.
  • By making announcement in different places as well as teaching the society by using audio, video and seminars in different places.
  • We also teach each household on how to raise their children in a proper manner by sharing daily information and ideas to both parents without hesitating.
  • Educating youth about importance of information sharing and seek for assistance to their parents and/or guardians without feeling shy.